POHA -BAJRA (Pearl Millet Flakes)


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Millet Poha made from Bajra (Pearl Millet)

Poha Consistency – Thin Poha

Millet Origin: Karnataka/AP

Processed: Tamilnadu (Coimbatore)

Nutritional Values Per 100 Grams:

Energy: 361 Kcal; Carbohydrates: 67gms  ; Protein: 12gms ;Fat: 5gms ;Minerals 2gm;Fibre: 1gm ;Calcium 42gms;Phosphorus: 296 gms;Iron: 8mg

1.Weight Management

  1. Gluten Free
  2. Gut Health/High Fibre
  3. Helps Manage Diabetes
  4. Healthy Heart
  5. High content of Phytochemicals
  6. Rich in Omega-3 Fats

Zero added preservatives, Zero added colour, Zero taste enhancers or flavoring agents.
“Pure Food, as it is”!

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