07.Atta Multigrain (Nutty)



Multigrain Nutty Atta freshly milled upon your order (not pre-grinded or pre-packed).

(Minimum order quantity 2 KG)


  • 50% Sharbati/Lokwan Wheat
  • 15% Millets (Little,Proso,Barnyad,Foxtail,Kudo etc)
  • 15% (Ragi, Bajra,Jowar)
  • 10% (Oats,Soya,Chana,Maize etc)
  • 5% Pseudocereals (Buckwheat, Psyllium Husk)
  • 5% Nuts & Seeds (almonds, cashew, sunflower/watermelon/flax seed etc.)


  • 2 times washing in clean running water
  • Drying: Sun dried or mechanical dryer
  • Cleaning: Manual cleaning post washing
  • Storage: Hermetic Bags
  • Grinding: Live grinding at Store, up on order ( Full Fibre)
  • Packing: Eco Friendly Paper Bags (For in-store purchase you can bring your own container)

Zero added preservatives, Zero added colour, Zero taste enhancers or flavoring agents .
“Pure Atta , as it is”!


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