CHERUTHEEN (Stingless Bee Honey)


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Our unique set of resources source and procure pure honey what nature has to offer. Its subtle flavours and richness will balance the sweetness in your food, and it compounds health benefits

Stingless bee honey, (Cherutheen), is made by bees of family “Melipona bee or Stingless bee “. This bee normally collect honey from deep inside crevices of very small flowers. This honey is said to have double that of nutritio0jal values as compared to honey produced by other varieties of bees. This is used extensively in ayurvedic medicines/ treatments. Honey production by these tiny bees is very less, and hence stingless bee honey is rare and expensive.

  • Sourced directly from Honey farmers
  • Multi floral honey
  • Non-processed, raw honey, not heated
  • Filtered for cleaning, particles found (if any) is natural nectar or wax.
  • Packing: Eco Friendly Glass bottle
  • Sourced directly from Honey farmers
  • Zero added preservatives
  • Zero added colour
  • Zero added taste enhancers or flavoring agents. “Pure Honey, as it is”!

Freshivoresfreshly milled, pure-natural food

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